Lago Bowl:

The Lago Bowl is the Club’s annual season-ending Tournament and is a great social tournament for the members.

There are 2 divisions: A and B. Each division has approximately 50-60 teams participating in the end-of-the year extravaganza. There is a Consolation Round for both divisions.

The Club tournament encourages and supports donations to Spectrum Adult Day Health Program in Beverly in memory of Carol Lago. The Lago Bowl is now sponsored by Mike Lago in memory of his wife Carol. Carol was a huge fan of the sport  – she is the one who managed to convince Mike to take up tennis (who was in his 50s, no less!). Carol was also the one who came to the aid of the club tournament many years ago when we needed a new sponsor.

Key dates:

  • Tournament dates: Typically begins the last week of April and runs through for 14 days.
  • The last Thursday of the event is is the big party with great matches, food and adult beverages.
  • Finals are the last Friday night
  • Every night:  join us for a full freezer with a never-ending supply of ice-cream!

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